di nascosto, nascostamente.

Dizionario Materano. 2014.

  • schis|mat|i|cal|ly — «sihz MAT uh klee, skihz », adverb. in a schismatic manner; by schism …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|mat|i|cal — «sihz MAT uh kuhl, skihz », adjective. = schismatic. (Cf. ↑schismatic) …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|mat|ic — «sihz MAT ihk, skihz », adjective, noun. –adj. 1. causing or likely to cause schism. 2. inclined toward, or guilty of, schism. 3. of, having to do with, or of the nature of a schism. –n. a person who tries to cause a schism or takes part in a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|ma|tist — «SIHZ muh tihst, SKIHZ », noun. Rare. = schismatic. (Cf. ↑schismatic) …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|ma|tize — «SIHZ muh tyz, SKIHZ », intransitive verb, tized, tiz|ing. 1. to act as a schismatic. 2. to belong to a schismatic body …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|to|cyte — «SKIHS tuh syt», noun. a segmenting red blood cell. ╂[< Greek schistós cleft + English cyte hollow body < Greek kytos] …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|to|cy|to|sis — «SKIHS tuh sy TOH sihs», noun. division of a red blood cell. ╂[< New Latin schistocytosis < Greek schistós cleft + kýtos hollow body + English osis] …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|to|glos|si|a — «SKIHS tuh GLOS ee uh», noun. a congenitally cleft tongue …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|tor|rha|chis — «skihs TOR uh kihs», noun. = spina bifida. (Cf. ↑spina bifida) ╂[< New Latin schistorrhachis < Greek schistós cleft + rhachis spine] …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|tos|i|ty — «shihs TOS uh tee», noun. schistose structure or formation …   Useful english dictionary

  • schis|to|some — «SHIHS tuh sohm», noun. any one of a genus of trematode worms that are parasitic in the blood vessels of mammals in tropical countries, causing schistosomiasis; blood fluke. ╂[< New Latin Schistosoma the genus name < Greek schistós divided… …   Useful english dictionary

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